Jan. 5th, 2006

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It's much easier to shoot when it's not freezing outside, really.

This is not, Lucy feels, an excuse to be lazy however. And she really does need to practice her archery.

It's not that cold, anyway.


Or at least, she's telling herself that.

(It's also nice to have something to do. A distraction for the insanity of late.)
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1. Her middle name is Mae.
2. She's always wanted a cat. Never had one.
3. The whole "sex" thing? She thinks life would be much simpler without it. Storks. It's all about the storks.
4. She doesn't really have a sweet tooth. Growing up when she did--first the Depression, then World War II--there wasn't a great deal of sugar about. She doesn't dislike it, but she's not a huge fan.
5. But she likes to have a chocolate cake for her birthday with pink icing.
6. She likes purple, green, blue, and red. She doesn't have a favourite color, per se, but those are the four she does like best.
7. She takes her tea most often with lemon and a very little bit of honey. She doesn't always take it this way.
8. She doesn't, actually, miss her parents. She feels like she should, and she's fond enough of them, but she's also spent a great deal of time away from them, and she's content enough to be without them as well.
9. She does feel vaguely guilty about this.
10. Part of her is still irked at Susan for saying for so long it was just a game. It would take a great deal to get her to admit this, and goes back to her hurt that Susan was always "the pretty one", not to mention that Susan and Peter wouldn't believe her that she saw Aslan in Prince Caspian.
11. Jadis terrifies her. But more than that, she angers her, enough to throw her in an honest to God rage. This is probably not a good thing.
12. The best way to describe her is a terribly girly tomboy. This makes sense once you meet her.
13. She's not that talented at carving, but she manages to make figures that are interesting to look at, and rather pretty in their own way. You can tell what they are, at least.
14. She's a knack for healing. Father Christmas gave her the gifts he did for a reason. A great deal of it is just instinctive for her. She wants to make people feel better.
15. ...And sometimes she rather wants to knock them down, as Corin would say. She has a temper. She does lose it. It might be the worst of all the Pevensies', in some ways, when she does.
16. She's flat-out mischievous. She likes to play jokes and pranks, and she always has. Not mean one, though.
17. She likes Jill, but she's not as close to her as she is to the others. She's never been to Narnia with Jill, after all, and she was Eustace's friend first. She'd like to be closer.
18. Tumnus is more of a father to her in her mind than Mr. Pevensie. She will never admit this to her siblings.
19. She desperately wants to see Aslan. This is kinda a given, but it's worth saying.


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