Jan. 21st, 2006

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Lord Ostium,

Forgive me if I seem overly formal in this, but there's a matter I think you must be made aware of, and I'd hoped to catch your attention with my language so that you'd pay close attention to my message.

There is a woman--if she may be called that, for she's not a human, nor near one--by the name of Jadis, though we call her the White Witch, which is perhaps a truer title. When my brothers and sister and I were children, we fought her, and she attempted to kill us. If it weren't for her ignorance in certain aspects of the Deep Magic of Narnia, and Aslan's help, she likely would have managed it.

She's a dangerous woman, and truly evil. I don't say this lightly, nor because she threatened my family, but for all her actions. She murdered her own world, and then turned another into winter for a hundred years. Those who crossed her were often turned to stone and kept in her castle.

Jadis, yesterday, entered Milliways. She is injured, and not well in her head, but she's been healed by a damned fool another patron, and I would not count on her being hurt to stop her.

She swore an oath, one she's bound to follow, to me that she has nothing against me and mine.

But her wording is vague enough, and such magic as enforces it at times specific enough, that I don't trust it a bit to protect us should she chose to find a way around it.

I think, perhaps, Lord Ostium, that given recent events, it would be far better for you to be aware of this than not.

Respectfully, and as always, grateful for all you've done for us,
Lucy Pevensie


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