Feb. 11th, 2006

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At the funeral--it's really more a service, because everyone on the train was too burned for there to be much point in anything beyond cremation, and it seemed wrong to Susan to do it one way for some and another for Peter and Ed--but at the funeral, Susan listens to them talk about her cousin and brothers and parents. And, of course, her sister.

"Such a pretty girl. Not like the older one," and Susan's fist clench a little, because she knows, for all she never spoke of it, that Lucy hated hearing her called the pretty one, and part of her wants to yell (a queen never yells) that they shut up, because her sister was beautiful, "but still. It's a shame."

"Sweet sort, too. Bit odd, I suppose. Always seemed to be somewhere else, half way."

That's when Susan walks away from the others, out of the church that she doesn't go to anymore and to the park across the street.

She almost wants to laugh when she realizes right next to the bench is a bloody lamp post.

Susan pretends that Lucy is there, and pretends she can yell at her sister, and ask why she had to take the train, why they had to go get stupid rings--because Lucy still told Susan, even to the end, even when Susan rolled her eyes, all things about Narnia--for a fairy country, why she had to die for make believe.

And the worst part is, as she pulls her knees up to her chest, not at all like the grown-up lady she likes to think she is, she can hear Lucy's response. It's the same one Lucy gave (but she never did, because it was just a game) when Susan asked her why she had to go out with the archers and ride with their brothers.

Why, it's Narnia, Su. How could I not?

Because Lucy always loved her fairy tale more than the real world. Of course she had to die for it.

Sitting on the bench, with her knees pressed to her chest, Susan can't completely blame her for it, either.
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