Mar. 18th, 2006

called_lioness: (Just can't lift her face today.)
She does not, actually, know what to do.

And so she bathes and changes, for she's dirty and sweaty from practicing for so long, and brushes her hair carefully. It's methodical and familiar and the action is a comfort, because of that.

It is not, perhaps, what one does after being uncursed, but it is what one does after practicing one's archery, and so it fits.

She's angry, and she knows it.

She feels guilty, and she knows it, though not as much as she thinks perhaps she should.

Horrified at what she almost did, there's that.

She's very careful, as she sets the brush down and braids her hair.

She will not forget it, and she knows it, and she will not speak of it to anyone if she can help it, and she knows this too.

She does not know if she's changed, and suspects you have to be, really, after that, but this she does not think on. Not right now.

For the moment, Lucy stretches out on her bed, and pulls a teddy bear, old and worn and missing both eyes, that Susan had brought from their house for her here, close to her chest.


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