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1. Lucy only cried once at a battlefield, and it was the first time. She didn't cry til she'd healed anyone she could, and not til it was only her and Susan, off to the side, because she knew she was already queen, and she thought queens shouldn't do that in front of subjects. But Susan was safe.

2. The day Susan stopped believing in Narnia, Lucy thought there wasn't anyone it was safe to cry in front of anymore. She didn't forgive Susan for that for months.

3. She likes Glen Miller, Vera Lynn, Nat King Cole, and Louis Jordan. Her favorite song is "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square". She doesn't tell most people this because it's such a sappy song it makes her feel like a giant girl for loving it. It's still true.

(In bar, she likes the Beatles. If she hears Blackbird, her day is made. That's enough.)

4. Lucy was content to let her siblings, eight times out of ten, decide most matters when ruling, but she still made her opinions known. And if she thought they were wrong, she'd tell them. She didn't listen to anyone in the sick rooms or infirmaries, though. Peter or Ed could lead the battle, but when it was over, Lucy would do whatever she thought best.

5. Somedays, when she was younger, she wished Susan was the one with the cordial and she the one with the horn. She thought it would be easier to call for help than have to provide it. She stopped wishing that when she was fourteen.

6. When she was fourteen, she had to decide if it was better to risk healing a man with an arrowhead still deep in him or dig the arrowhead out first, knowing how badly he was hurt and how much time she had. He was bleeding out, but the arrowhead would have just created a new wound, and the skin wouldn't have been broken to let her easily at it.

She couldn't justify not taking it out, and spent eleven minutes digging as quickly as she could to get it all out, because it had broken and lodged well. Lucy didn't worry about if it was gentle or not so much as quick. She knew it was hurting him, because she had to prod and make the wound worse before she could make it better.

She got it out in the end. He died before she did. She still thinks she made the right choice.

She cried in her room that night anyway.

7. She loves her sister. She doesn't think Susan could have made that choice. Susan is a lady. Lucy can be a lady, but she's not by nature the way Susan is. And that's why Lucy stopped wishing it had been different, because she knew she was good at more than just putting a cordial on.

8. The first person she killed was a dwarf who'd served the Witch. She didn't mean to actually kill him. She didn't cry about it, either. She didn't do anything for a while. And then she grieved, and when she'd done that enough she stopped.

9. She knows that sometimes even if you can heal the body so it keeps working, it's kinder to let someone die, because the damage is bad enough that a working body and dead mind does no one any good. She doesn't feel any guilt for this. She thinks the soul's already gone at that point. She'd just make it as painless as possible.

She thinks this is part of being a healer, that you know when not to let go.

10. She thinks her family's very, very, very crazy. She still loves them utterly.

She could leave them, though. She learned she could do that in Prince Caspian, and though she didn't have to then, she didn't forget.

11. She hates sewing. With a passion. She'll do it, but she's no love for it.

12. Lucy smokes. She is not a smoker. She started when she was 15 and at school, and she's always been very careful not to do it around her family. It's not, actually, unusual, given the culture she was growing up in. (She's smoked less in the bar than she did in London (again, mostly at school).) She really did think Edmund knew. She has a habit, not an addiction, and not a very strong one.

13. Lucy is, in fact, a drinker. She likes a good drink, or two, or three, though she rarely gets drunk. She loves wine; she likes scotch or whiskey. Beer is fine. She's neutral on most other forms of alcohol. (In bar, Lilly Kane's gotten her to like tequila shots.)

14. If you asked Lucy if she was a Christian, she'd say yes. She wouldn't say it on her own. She doesn't think of herself as one. She's a prophetess, in the biblical sense of the world, and she's an apostle, but it's not for Jesus. Aslan may be the same thing, but she doesn't think of a man on a cross when she thinks of love, she thinks of a lion on a table. And that changes how you view things.

15. She wears a necklace her mother gave her when she went to school the first time. It's a cross, and it belonged to her great-grandmother first. Her great-grandfather gave it to her when they wed.

She wears it because of her family, not because of the symbol.

She never told her mother that.

16. Lucy and her mother liked each other and loved each other. They didn't understand each other. She got on with her father better, and that confused her father, as well. But Lucy was a feminine tomboy, and couldn't be a lady the way her sister and mother were. Even if she tried, and she did try. She liked to climb trees and be barefoot and wore trousers as often as she could. (Which wasn't unacceptable, but she did tend more towards it than many girls did.)

17. Lucy hit the bullseye the first time she threw her dagger because she never once doubted she would. She never has doubted since, even in London. Lucy is a very, very, very good shot. You probably don't want to play darts with her for money, given that.

She has no qualms doing so if you want to, though.

18. Lucy believes in general. Utterly and entirely and without fail. Even when she's angry, she doesn't doubt. She doesn't entirely realize that that's not how most people see the world. She'd be troubled if she did. She'd also be sad.

19. (Okay, I was wrong about it not being 19, so shoot me.) Lucy doesn't pray with words, most times she prays. She prays with her heart and just closes her eyes and says I love you, and thank you, without putting it into words or knowing what it is she's saying. It's emotion, and it's her soul, more than her mind.

She doesn't like prayers based on words, like the Our Father.

She always feels a little guilty for this.
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